Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Christmas tree

I finally took a pic of the tree. Isaac loves the tree and he loves to play with the lights that are on the floor and in the window so I added of pic of that too. I had too many lights so I strung them across the ceiling and plugged them into my wreath in the window. I don't have a pic of that though.

Driving in the Dark

Dan had to drive home after work the other night in a nice snow storm. He took pics of what the road looked like. They are kind of hard to see cause it was the middle of the night but still I'm glad it wasn't me driving!


Lucy is learning to sit up on her own and she has also found her toes. So I have lots of picture moments but I only chose the two that I like the most.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Isaac's quiet time!

Every now and then Isaac will stop running, screaming, and climbing all over everything. And in those cherished few minutes he'll stop and draw pictures on his magnadoodle. I have to say he is such a good little drawer. He mostly draws Spiderman's (big shocker) face with his big eyes and then draws webs shooting from his head. You can see the circles he's drawing in the pic.

Daddy's girl!

Everyone loves when Daddy wakes up for the day. Especially me! But Isaac and Lucy are all smiles and Isaac jumps on him and bombards him with requests to play. Lucy just sits on his lap and smiles at him and laughs and its soo soo cute. So I took a pic of them together. You'll have to forgive poor Dan cause he did just wake up so his hair is wild and his face is all scruffy.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Let it Snow

We have had a lot of snow and ice lately. On Sunday Andrea and the kids came over after dinner and Leslie and Isaac played around in the snow for a while. I love having Leslie around cause she will do all those things like play outside in the freezing cold with Isaac so I don't have to!! It was seriously freezing out. But Isaac loved it and that's all he wants to do now is play in the snow.

I am Batman

Isaac has all of his clothes named for some super hero! His red coat is his star trek coat and his blue coat is his other star trek coat. Then his snow suit is his superman coat! In this pic he has on my black head band and he calls them his Batman glasses. Most of his other clothes are his Peter Parker clothes of Spiderman.