Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm tired of waiting for the hair!

I want Lucy to have hair so bad so I can play with it! I put some of it up in a little ponytail and it looked so cute. She hated it of course. Its just a good thing she couldn't reach it to take it out.

Snuggling with Daddy

Dan fell asleep on the couch and I guess the kids thought it would be a good idea to cuddle up with him. Lucy got up there first of course cause she never misses out on an opportunity to cuddle with Daddy and Isaac can't be left out so he joined them slightly there after. This is why you don't nap on the couch!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Modeling...kind of

Showcasing Isaacs hat.

I love the leaning on the pillow look! Very classic.

Another classic, the over the shoulder!

Notice the squinty eyes in all the fake smile pictures!

K this is my last one for tonight!! We've discovered what most parents of a little girl probably already know...little girls are natural posers when you say camera time! Lucy was so funny posing for Christina with her fake little smile. I had to share some of the funnier ones.

Happy Halloween!

I love dressing the kids up for Halloween. It so cute to see them in their little costumes. This year Lucy was a scarecrow but she wouldn't wear her hat. :( Isaac was not to thrilled to wear his costume either. When we were talking about it a month ago he said he wanted to be Link from the video game Legend of Zelda so I was like Ok we can make that. Well now he wants to be Mario but its too late for that. I think he looks adorable in it though. And for those who don't know...yes I did make the costume. The top I had help from mom making a pattern and cutting and piecing together but with the pants and hat I did all by myself and I was so excited with how they turned out! Dan thinks I'm getting very domestic now cause I've also been cooking a lot as well. Anyways, Halloween was a blast with Andrea, Les, and Danica. Oh the most fun was the house with the tunnel up to the door. Les ran through it leaving poor Isaac to fend for himself. He was screaming and crying in terror and brandishing his little sword and everything that got near him! And I was in the car dropping them off and Andrea was out with him. The owner was kind enough to put his screaming body back in the car and give him a BIG candy bar. It was really sad for Isaac but pretty funny to watch. The rest of the night was uneventful and the kids were tuckered out by the time I got home they didn't even stir when I took them out of their clothes. The first two pics are for Christina. I know how much you love that butt shot! HAHA

To the zoo

We get tickets through Pella every year to go to the zoo in October and this year we picked the best day to go weather wise! It was a lot of fun. Dan traded his Adventure Land tickets with a friend and got his zoo tickets so we had two extra adult tickets and Mom and Christina were obliged to come with us! HA HA. I like that word. Its one of my new favorites. Anyways, we had a blast of course cause you can't go to the Henry Doorly Zoo and not have a great time. We saw lots of animals all of which scared Isaac but Lucy loved them all. We stopped lots to rest and eat snacks to keep our energy up. There was a rope bridge that went under a little waterfall in the jungle that Isaac and I went on. He stopped right in the middle and I had to practically force him forward cause I was getting all wet and I had straightened my hair that day! It was great. Next time you visit Iowa I recommend going if you haven't gone before cause its one of the best zoos on Earth! Can't wait for next year.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

El College

So Dan started his official college education yesterday! I'm both excited and nervous at the same time. I'm nervous cause I don't know what kind of student he's going to be and I don't want to become the nagging wife who's always reminding him to be sure and get his work done. But I know Dan is smart so if he applies himself he can do really well so that's why I'm excited. He's doing it through University of Phoenix online cause he just doesn't have time to do it any other way right now and we've put it off to long. If all works out as it should the Pella will be paying for all of it which means nothing out of pocket for us! Woo Hoo! But the down side is that he has to stay with them for two years after he's done which Dan is ok with but i'm a little skeptical about. But all in all I'm so proud of him already!

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Lucy Lu

Just something to show how big she's getting! This is her sweet angel face that she gives everyone in public to give them a false sense of security and then when we get home let the little miss drama queen come right out! I love my little princess.

Some make believe fun!

We went over to Andreas house for a little bit Saturday and I noticed Leslie has some make up on. She said she did it herself and Andrea joked that she should go put some on Isaac too! So Les and Isaac went into her room to play dress up as the often do and after a while Isaac comes out looking like THIS! I was shocked into laughter. If you look close you can notice that she also tried to spike his hair and she used a lot of hair spray. It smelled really good too! We had to go do all our shopping with Isaac looking like this. He got a lot of comments. Well Leslie assured me the markers said washable and boy was she ever right. On the way home Isaac started throwing a fit and crying and it ran and ran and ran! I'm just glad we got it off for Sunday! And can you guess who he's supposed to be...I didn't.....Dorothy the dinosaur from the Wiggles. Ha Ha Ha

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its apple season again!

Oh my poor aching finger tips!!! Mom and Dad have a lot of fruit trees and of course they all have to come ripe at the same time. I've been busying myself this week with picking and things of that nature. Monday night Christina and I picked the peaches off the tree and then Tuesday Andrea helped me make jam out of it. Its still runny so Mom says I'm gonna have to boil it again! Ugh!! Christina and Andrea also picked four buckets of apples and put hardly a dent in the tree! I've spent four hours today slicing apples to store for pies and such and I only got half way through one bucket! Mom just kind of laughed and said yea its slow going. I feel like I didn't get anything done. My finger tips hurt though! I kept getting little pieces of apple under my pointer finger on my left hand. I'd say that one hurts the most. And there is still a pear tree that I wanted to get to but I am so overwhelmed with the apples that I'm afraid I won't get to them before they go bad and Mom says that happens fast. Obviously I have to talk to her a lot because I don't know how to do any of this stuff. I want to make lots of apple sauce and apple butter and things like that. Its all very exciting. Andrea's going to come help me on Monday for sure and maybe tomorrow and that'll make things move much faster with an extra person and Danica to keep my kids company. Poor Lucy was not happy with me today. I usual spend an hour cleaning and then have the rest of the day to play with them but I just had to work on apples.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ok so I took Andreas camera the other day and snapped some pics of the Lucy who is growing up too fast for me! She's usual very happy and sociable. It makes me laugh though when people at church say Oh I never hear Lucy cry! I want to say come to my house! She fake cries almost every time Isaac comes near her. I just wanna say Give me a break! Its like she's trying to get him in trouble or something. She must like playing with him though cause she follows him every where he goes.

Play time!

It might not be the best system ever but to get Isaac to pick up his toys in the living room I bribe him with Super Mario! He loves to play it, not that he can really do anything more than drive in circles, so I make him clean his mess before I let him play. It works for now! And he is very willing to clean to get play! He's a good boy!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Lucy

July 25th was Lucy's first happy birthday. we had to celebrate it the Sunday before though for all the things that were going on that day! I had to go to Youth Conference that day. We were doing yard work on a habitat for humanity home. Dan was working that night too so we were too busy for any parties. It was our fifth anniversary that day too! It was nice though! She had some nice presents but the ones she loved the most were her little baby dolls that she got from Dan and me and Mom and Dad. It was funny when Dad and I were talking at church about what we got her for her birthday and I said we had got a baby doll and Dad was like we did too! And it was the same doll except different colors. She loves them though! She sits on a pillow with them and rocks them and gives them kisses. She's such a good little mommy. She is growing up too fast for me. We didn't take any pics of it though! Isn't that sad! Oh well, there's always next year!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Its been forever....

Sorry its been too long since I added pics but I lost my driver that I put my memory card into to put into the computer. I got pics coming out the wazoo of the babies though. They are growing up fast. Lucy started walking at the begining of the month and she's been unstoppable since. She also says three words now! Water, book, and bottle. Her three favorite things. Of course she just says the first sound of them but its still so cute. Isaac has finally decided that he can get out of the crib by himself. Its been a while coming I must say. I left him in it cause everytime I take the sides down he wants them back up cause he says, and I quote "they keep me safe" so what ever right. Well I have no excuses now so its to the toddler bed for him. He's a doll baby though and I love him! I'll try and get pics as soon as I break down and buy a new driver. I just know I'll find my other one as soon as I do though!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Family Fun Night

We also went to the family fun night. Isaac had a lot of fun doing the games that you had to throw things through the holes. He also did Plinko which is one of my favorite games. He was really funny on the hockey game where you have to hit a Little Debbie cake onto this blue tarp and try to hit the bulls eye. Well he got frustrated with it and just picked up the cake and threw it. So funny! I had Andrea take a family pic with her new camera so I thought I'd share since I never put on pics of me and Dan. After that we went to a move. The Forbidden Kingdom with Jet Li and Jackie Chan. It was pretty good and Isaac loved all the kung foo action. He was standing in front of his chair trying to imitate them. There wasn't hardly anyone there so it was ok!

I'm a Super Hero!

Do I have a story for you! I woke up Monday morning just like any morning and got around, played with the kids and waited for Dan to wake up. He got up earlier than usual that day because the Elders were coming down at 10 to play with him since it was their Prep day. So it was around 9:30 that I packed Isaac into the car and we were heading off the fill up our water jug at Grandma Jones' house. I pull out onto the road and the first thing I notice is a set of tire tracks that look like they went off to the side of the road so I just thought ok someone pulled over for something and then went on their merry little way. Well then I thought those go off into the grass and there's no place for them to park cause its basically just a drop off. So then I think Oh NO oh NO oh NO! Someone went into the ditch so I let my gaze wonder further down and sure enough there is a car crashed into the creek bed!! CRAP! But its ok. There is someone standing down there so I think Ok someone is already there to help and its not as bad as it looks. I pulled over anyways. As soon as I opened the door the I hear the worst thing I've ever heard in my life. "HELP". At the top of his lungs and with so much pain in it! Man my heart starts racing. Its then I realize he isn't standing but sprawled out on his stomach on the ground! I'm going into shock myself so I do the dumbest thing and I yell to him "Are you ok?" I didn't know what else to say! Stupid I know. So he yells "No. I think I broke my hip". So I tell him I'll call 911 which I do. I give them my address and tell them there's a car in the ditch. I told them he thinks he broke his hip, that he is awake and out of the car. So they take my number in case they need to call back and we hang up. Mean while he's down there saying "Its so cold." and "Man I'm really cold." I was thinking "Why does he keep saying that. Yeah its got a wind that's chill but its not that bad out" but i have some coats in the car so I make my way down to him. I the whole way down I'm just praying there isn't any gore cause I don't know if I can handle it but I'm totally trying to prep myself for the worst. I get down to him and he looks okay except for you can through his pants there is something wrong with his legs. He has a blanket under him so I get that and put it on him and then I drape the coats on top trying to keep him warm. He tells me his name is Howard. At least I think that's his name cause I forgot almost instantly after he tells me. So I tell him my name. Then he says "Ive been out here all night". Oh my heart just drops then and I was like " I'm so sorry I live right over that little hill and I had no idea someone was out her". Well how could I of course but still he was right there. But no wander he was freezing cause it was like 30 degrees that night! For any one who knows you know the creek isn't far from our house. So I tell him people are on the and they will be around 10 mins. So then I tell him I'm gonna wait up on the road so they can see where we are cause they wouldn't be able so see us down there. Plus Isaac wasn't strapped in so who knows what he was getting into in the car. On my way back up I think "Oh Crap Andrea is going to hear this come out over the scanner and freak out." So I called her and let her know what was happening. Well the first responders get there pretty quick and just stand around up on the road looking at the guy. I wanted to say "Go down there and talk to him or something." They finally go down when Coin ambulance arrives. Shen ambulance arrives shortly after that so they get him loaded up and on the way. I talked to the officer there from the sheriffs office about what happened for a minute and then I take off and finally get the water I originally set out for. It was a very exciting morning and it took me a while to come down from the high of it all. They came really quick and got the car out too. I don't know how but I'm sure it was quite the task. Anyways Andrea thinks he was life flighted from Shen cause she heard the helicopter come in. I hope he ends up ok. I know I got a cold from being out in that wind for so long so I can only imagine how he is. It hasn't been on KMA news or anything but I'm hoping to get an update some time. Pretty crazy stuff.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

An early evening

The other night we had played really hard and Isaac crashed on the couch around 545! Lucy was not long after to follow and they were both out for the night! It was so quiet!!! Lucy has a cuddle blanket that she has to sleep with. It puts her right out almost everytime.

An Easter Story

We went over to Andreas house the day before Easter so the kids could do some fun things together. In Isaac's Easter basket he got was a book and so Les was nice enough to read it for him. It was definitely a picture perfect moment!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Night Wrestling

This was too funny. We were over at Nephi and Andrea's house making easter eggs and just playing around. Some how we started wrestling. Dan was playing with the two little girls and Les and Isaac started their own little wrestling match! It was mostly Isaac jumping on Les' back and them rolling over. It was so funny to watch. One of the videos I took you could just see the restraint that Les was having to use to not just haul off and wack Isaac real good. Eventually they both got fingers in the eyes which finally made them stop! Kids!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

She's crawling!

It happened! I don't know how I feel about it! Lucy started crawling on her 7 month birthday exactly. Now she is already onto pulling herself up to standing. But don't worry Isaac is great about pushing her back down for me!! Maybe a little too good. She's so ornery now too! She thinks its so funny when mom says no to her. She just turns and smiles at me real big then goes back to what she was doing before. Oh i miss my little helpless baby girl!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm Stuck!

I was sitting with the kids on the couch and Lucy has this thing about trying to eat the couch. Well this time it fought back!! She fell forward and got her arms stuck in between the cushions. She is such a goofy baby!

Lucy and Great Grandpa Jones

We were over at the grandparents the other day and it was time for Lucy's nap so Grandpa gave her a bottle and she went right to sleep. Funny thing is so did Grandpa.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sleepy Sleepy time!

So Isaac's new thing is laying down with everyone and sharing a blanket with them! Especially Lucy he loves his little baby girl Luce! Anyways its cute pics of my babies.

Lucy's Cage

I was babysitting the kids over at Andrea's house the other night and Les was playing with foam puzzle pieces making different things. She made a little play pen for Lucy and it was so cute. She just sat in there and played with the toys that Les gave her not a care in the world! I love my little Lucy girl.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

naked spiderman

Isaac's two what can you say. But when he was running around yesterday in his undies and spiderman mask I couldn't resist. I thought it was just the cutest thing. I got him to hold still for like a sec so I was lucky that it was a good one.

Dude looks like a lady!

Mom got this super nice wig from Aunt Cheri and it is so pretty! Well our dad being the little kidder that he is was trying it on. He looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Anyways I knew everyone would get as big a kick out of it as I did!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


This is just a cutie one of Lucy that I wanted to share.

Isaac's chair

Grandma Jones has this chair at her house that she puts a fake plant in and for some reason Isaac has decided that its his chair and he takes the plant out and sits in it every time we go over. I had to get a pic of it last Sunday.

Play Date

Last week Danica came over a few days while Andrea was helping clean Mom's house and we had lots of fun playing. Isaac and her would get into these little conversations both wagging their finger at the other. It was funny. And then there is the cute pic of Isaac laying down in between the two little girls and they would pat his back. He lays like that in front of Lucy all the time but it was even cuter with both of them.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


TAG, I'm it
My husband
What is his name.....Daniel Cozzens Autry
How long did you date....About 2months the first time and then 6 months before we got married
How old is he....29
Who eats more......If its pizza then I can eat as much as him but any other time its him all the way!!
Who said I love you first.....I don't remember but I'm sure it was Dan cause he is the more sensitive romantic of the two of us.
Who is taller.....Dan Dan Dan
Who can sing better....Umm let me think....of yeah that would be me!
Who is smarter?....Dan has more book smarts than I do but I blow him away when it comes to good old fashion common sense.
Who does the laundry?.....I have to agree with Andrea that Dan does most of the putting in and switching around. But I do the folding and putting away. Its a team effort.
Who pays the bills?.....Until recently Dan didn't even know what our bills were!! He's getting much better.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Dan and I don't really sleep too much together anymore so we usually sleep in the middle. But if he's there I'm on the right!
Who mows the lawn? Grandpa Jones! Its one thing he insists on doing cause it keeps him busy and he can still do it!
Who cooks dinner? I know it sounds like I don't do anything but I swear I do! If Dan is home then he cooks.
Who drives? I haven't been behind the steering wheel in what feels like forever!
Who is more stubborn? Oh me! Me Me Me
Who kissed who first? Dan brought me home from a date one night and told me he was going to kiss me! Best kiss ever!!
Who asked who out first? I think technically Dan cause he was the one who suggested the car ride that started our dating excursions.
Who proposed?....Noone. I have no nice romantic story. It was just one of those things if we got back together then we would never break up again.
Who has more friends....Dan! I have two friends that I regularly talk to. One being a 14 yr old the other being Andrea. Everyone loves Dan!!
Who is more sensitive?....definitely Dan.
Who has more siblings?....Surprisingly Dan. I thought I would win this one but nope. They have 7 kids in their family.
Who wears the pants?....Dan wears the pants but I'm the one who puts them on if you know what I mean!! And that's not supposed to sound dirty.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spongebob Squarepants Lucy

I posted one of Isaac so I had to put my one of Lucy up cause she's too cute! Also, I got Lucy weighted and measured the other day and she is a little chunk baby! She weighs 17lbs and 14 oz and is 27in long! And she is only 6 months old. I am assured once she becomes mobile she will probably lose a little which could be very soon! She is rocking pretty hard most days! I've learned my lesson with Isaac and keep knocking her down cause my house needs to be baby proofed a little more!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Spongebob Squarepants

We got Isaac these really cute Spongebob glasses while we were on our trip. He loves to wear them. They used to have a nose attached and some googly eyes but he tore the eyes off right away and the nose is somewhere in his room. He always takes the nose off anyways so I'm not worried about finding it. Isaac has the most imagination I swear.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Stone Mountain

I took lots of pics when we were there and wish I could share them all but I picked out some of my favs. There is the mountain which has the confederated presidency carved into it!! A view from the sky lift! Dan and Jason holding the little princesses! Isaac, Celia and Kiri waiting excitedly for the sky lift to come. And then Isaac and Celia sitting together at the restaurant afterwards! It was the most fun!

Our Christmas Vacation

We had a great Christmas this year! We were fortunate enough to be able to go to Georgia and visit Dan's family. It was Isaac's first time meeting Grandpa Autry and he was so excited. He kept asking the whole trip down "Go to Grandpa Autry's house?" We stayed with Amy and Steve's family and the kids got along great. Especially Lucy with her cousin Christina. She must have thought she resembled me cause Lucy liked her a lot. We had fun visiting with Allison, Jerry and Sydney too! My favorite thing we did though was Stone Mountain. We went there with John, Jenny and Celia and met up with Dan's friend Jason Peterson and his family. We road on a sky lift to the top of the mountain which scared me to death but I did it!!! We saw a 4D movie and a laser show with some fire works. And the weather was so nice that day. Of course we had come from almost 6in of snow to 50 degree weather so every day was pretty nice to us!