Tuesday, January 29, 2008


TAG, I'm it
My husband
What is his name.....Daniel Cozzens Autry
How long did you date....About 2months the first time and then 6 months before we got married
How old is he....29
Who eats more......If its pizza then I can eat as much as him but any other time its him all the way!!
Who said I love you first.....I don't remember but I'm sure it was Dan cause he is the more sensitive romantic of the two of us.
Who is taller.....Dan Dan Dan
Who can sing better....Umm let me think....of yeah that would be me!
Who is smarter?....Dan has more book smarts than I do but I blow him away when it comes to good old fashion common sense.
Who does the laundry?.....I have to agree with Andrea that Dan does most of the putting in and switching around. But I do the folding and putting away. Its a team effort.
Who pays the bills?.....Until recently Dan didn't even know what our bills were!! He's getting much better.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Dan and I don't really sleep too much together anymore so we usually sleep in the middle. But if he's there I'm on the right!
Who mows the lawn? Grandpa Jones! Its one thing he insists on doing cause it keeps him busy and he can still do it!
Who cooks dinner? I know it sounds like I don't do anything but I swear I do! If Dan is home then he cooks.
Who drives? I haven't been behind the steering wheel in what feels like forever!
Who is more stubborn? Oh me! Me Me Me
Who kissed who first? Dan brought me home from a date one night and told me he was going to kiss me! Best kiss ever!!
Who asked who out first? I think technically Dan cause he was the one who suggested the car ride that started our dating excursions.
Who proposed?....Noone. I have no nice romantic story. It was just one of those things if we got back together then we would never break up again.
Who has more friends....Dan! I have two friends that I regularly talk to. One being a 14 yr old the other being Andrea. Everyone loves Dan!!
Who is more sensitive?....definitely Dan.
Who has more siblings?....Surprisingly Dan. I thought I would win this one but nope. They have 7 kids in their family.
Who wears the pants?....Dan wears the pants but I'm the one who puts them on if you know what I mean!! And that's not supposed to sound dirty.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spongebob Squarepants Lucy

I posted one of Isaac so I had to put my one of Lucy up cause she's too cute! Also, I got Lucy weighted and measured the other day and she is a little chunk baby! She weighs 17lbs and 14 oz and is 27in long! And she is only 6 months old. I am assured once she becomes mobile she will probably lose a little which could be very soon! She is rocking pretty hard most days! I've learned my lesson with Isaac and keep knocking her down cause my house needs to be baby proofed a little more!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Spongebob Squarepants

We got Isaac these really cute Spongebob glasses while we were on our trip. He loves to wear them. They used to have a nose attached and some googly eyes but he tore the eyes off right away and the nose is somewhere in his room. He always takes the nose off anyways so I'm not worried about finding it. Isaac has the most imagination I swear.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Stone Mountain

I took lots of pics when we were there and wish I could share them all but I picked out some of my favs. There is the mountain which has the confederated presidency carved into it!! A view from the sky lift! Dan and Jason holding the little princesses! Isaac, Celia and Kiri waiting excitedly for the sky lift to come. And then Isaac and Celia sitting together at the restaurant afterwards! It was the most fun!

Our Christmas Vacation

We had a great Christmas this year! We were fortunate enough to be able to go to Georgia and visit Dan's family. It was Isaac's first time meeting Grandpa Autry and he was so excited. He kept asking the whole trip down "Go to Grandpa Autry's house?" We stayed with Amy and Steve's family and the kids got along great. Especially Lucy with her cousin Christina. She must have thought she resembled me cause Lucy liked her a lot. We had fun visiting with Allison, Jerry and Sydney too! My favorite thing we did though was Stone Mountain. We went there with John, Jenny and Celia and met up with Dan's friend Jason Peterson and his family. We road on a sky lift to the top of the mountain which scared me to death but I did it!!! We saw a 4D movie and a laser show with some fire works. And the weather was so nice that day. Of course we had come from almost 6in of snow to 50 degree weather so every day was pretty nice to us!