Monday, April 13, 2009

Lucy Elaine

Lucy is my little girl in every sense of the word. She loves to play with baby dolls. I think its her favorite toys ever. She has a doll swing and bed and many babies to put in them and love. She's very protective of them. She's also starting to be a little bossy pants. Anytime I give isaac instructions she has to yell them at him over and over. Especially during prayer. I can't remember the last time we had it without Lucy yelling Isaac prayer the whole time! She's talking up a storm and into absolutely everything that isn't nailed down. She keeps me busy.


I've been remiss in keeping up on this. So I'll put up some pics of both the kids. Isaac is into games, wii games, puzzles. But mostly into spelling and trying to read. I tell you what this kid is going to have quite a time when he starts school cause he's so far ahead when it comes to his reading skills. He loves it and he's so good at it! He's my little genius.