Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little Update

It has been a while but I feel like I have been running a million miles an hour. I don't really have time right now but I'm ignoring the kids since nothing is being broken...yet! So Isaac is into any kind of electronics game. Our wii broke and was away for about a month getting fixed and I think I liked him better when we didn't have it! Ha Ha. He's a sore loser at 4 but we're working on it slowly but surely. He is ever so helpful with Lucy and keeping her entertained though. I love to watch them play together. Mostly cause Lucy has no idea what they are playing but she goes a long with anything Isaac wants to do. Lucy is a pill and a half at 2 1/2 years. Last week her thing was climbing up on the sink and putting tooth paste all over the wall. I caught her at it three times! But she's so happy go lucky and has this smile that will melt your heart it makes it all worth while in the end. Lilli is like her sister just so happy with life. She just got weighed at she's only 13 1/2 pounds at five months. I love that she is staying a little girl. She rolls over occasionally when she really wants that elusive toy. I watch Jasper (Christina's son) during the day too. He's the same age as Lilli so its like having twins. Watching the two babies play and learn together is so much fun. They go after the same toy all the time. Jasper is bigger and stronger but when Lil gets a grip on it watch out. Its a good tug of war. So just putting up some random pics of the kids so you can all see them growing.