Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Windows!!

gaping hole in the wall
the mostly finished product
outside shot of living room window
I think my favorite thing about Dan working at Pella is we can get these reject windows at auction for so cheap!! We got 6 windows all together. We still have one we haven't put in yet but we have still to decide where to put it. Originally we were going to replace the other living room window with it but the first one was so much work we're gonna wait and try to find something that's more to size. But I love them. The living room one is so big the room practically explodes with light!! I just can't stop looking at it. The upstairs windows have been broken for so long i'm glad to finally have them taken care of. Now I can feel good about putting the kids up there. Eventually (a really long eventually) we hope to get all the windows upstairs replaced. That will help a lot with controlling the temp up there since there is only the one air vent in the hall to push air. Anyways i'm really happy with how it all turned out.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kids growing, growing, growing

Lillian Joy
Lucy Elaine
Isaac Hershel
I can't believe how big my kids are getting!! Isaac started preschool this year. He's loving it! I'm not sure how much he's learning or if he's really socializing but he looks forward to it! He doesn't have much interest in the other kids yet but he loves his teacher and he loves the arts and crafts so i'm happy. Lucy starts her dance class on Monday. She's going to do great. She dances all the time around the house and with the tv. She is taking the class in Shenandoah and Danica is going to be in the same class as well. We got her dance outfit yesterday and she's been wearing it ever since. I finally got it off so I could wash it. Lillian, my little baby, turns 1 on Wednesday. I'm in denial. I want her to just stay small! I remember when the other two turned 1 I was thinking about having another but I think i'll wait for a while. I love my babies so much. I'm enjoying them and all there personalities which are different and yet very similar. And they all love each other so much. Lucy and Isaac are best friends and Lillian thinks they are the funniest people ever. I'm a lucky mommy to be sure.