Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sleepy Sleepy time!

So Isaac's new thing is laying down with everyone and sharing a blanket with them! Especially Lucy he loves his little baby girl Luce! Anyways its cute pics of my babies.

Lucy's Cage

I was babysitting the kids over at Andrea's house the other night and Les was playing with foam puzzle pieces making different things. She made a little play pen for Lucy and it was so cute. She just sat in there and played with the toys that Les gave her not a care in the world! I love my little Lucy girl.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

naked spiderman

Isaac's two what can you say. But when he was running around yesterday in his undies and spiderman mask I couldn't resist. I thought it was just the cutest thing. I got him to hold still for like a sec so I was lucky that it was a good one.

Dude looks like a lady!

Mom got this super nice wig from Aunt Cheri and it is so pretty! Well our dad being the little kidder that he is was trying it on. He looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Anyways I knew everyone would get as big a kick out of it as I did!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


This is just a cutie one of Lucy that I wanted to share.

Isaac's chair

Grandma Jones has this chair at her house that she puts a fake plant in and for some reason Isaac has decided that its his chair and he takes the plant out and sits in it every time we go over. I had to get a pic of it last Sunday.

Play Date

Last week Danica came over a few days while Andrea was helping clean Mom's house and we had lots of fun playing. Isaac and her would get into these little conversations both wagging their finger at the other. It was funny. And then there is the cute pic of Isaac laying down in between the two little girls and they would pat his back. He lays like that in front of Lucy all the time but it was even cuter with both of them.