Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving day. We spent the morning at home together just playing and then we went to Grandma Dixon's for our Thanksgiving dinner. We stayed there a while and then went home for a short rest. After that we went to watch the movie Enchanted with Mom and Dad and the kids. And I have to say that my kids where so well behaved the whole time. I was nervous they would be distruptive during the movie but Isaac sat and watched it the whole time. This was a pic I took that morning. It shows how much they love eachother.

Isaac's nursery friends

I got a new calling at church to help in the nursery during third hour. This was my first Sunday doing it and I had my phone with me so I could know what time it was. Well the boys found it and they wanted me to take their pictures so I gladly complied. Isaac loves to play with them. The left one is Wyatt Baldwin, David's son, and the right one is Benny Baldwin, Seth's son. Its sad though cause they are both 3 and will be leaving nursery in January. Isaac will only have twin girls and twin boys to play with that are both 6mo or better younger than him.

Mommy and Isaac

Lately Isaac has become a little cuddle bug! I love it cause he has been to busy to cuddle with me for a long time. I think my cuddling Lucy is making him a little jealous cause now he's always like "Carry me Mom" and "hold me Mom". I miss my little Isaac.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Family Pic

When we were playing over at Andrea and Nephi's house last Saturday I had Andrea snap a little family picture. I've been wanting to for so long. Soon I'm gonna have a really nice pic taken that I can send out to everyone but for now this is good for me.

Poor Dan is exhausted cause he only got four or five hours of sleep the night before!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Suck on my fingers!

So Lucy loves to suck on her fingers like any baby her age. Well Isaac has decided that she should suck on his fingers instead so he is always trying to pull her fingers out and stick hers in! But I keep telling him "No Isaac your hands are dirty." So Isaac, who thinks faster than me decided to get her to suck on his arm instead. He thinks its so funny. Oh yeah, Isaac loves to be naked right now so he is always taking his clothes off. Its a miracle to get him to keep his pull ups on!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Isaac singing

isaac loves to sing all the time! I got this pic the other day when he was just walking around with this really cute hat on his head.

Great Grandma Jones

Since my grandparents live just down the road we go over there a lot. Isaac loves to go over there cause they always give him a treat!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

A little redecorating

So Isaac is definately our artistic child. He just loves to draw faces! One fateful day while Dan and I were playing with Lucy on our bed, Isaac took it upon himself to redecorate the refriderator. The really sad part is that when we found out the first thing out of both of our mouths was "That's pretty good". Of course he got a time out but we haven't brought ourselves to wash it off just yet.

Isaac and Lucy talking

last night I was playing with the kids and decided to get out my camera and take pics. Then I remembered that I could take little videos and so i got the cutest little video of Isaac and Lucy smiling at each other. I love it. They make each other so happy sometimes. Other times Lucy can't stand to have Isaac around her but that is mostly just when she is tired.


We had so much fun trick or treating with Leslie this year. She was a Griffindor student and of course Isaac was Spiderman. We couldn't get him to put on his mask to go out though! He usually has it on all day but I guess he tired out of it. Leslie's friend Jenna came along and they were running ahead of everyone while Isaac and I lagged behind. He loved going up to the houses and getting candy. It was adorable. When people asked if he was Spiderman he would frown and say "no, I'm me!" It was the most fun.