Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lucy's new look!!

Lucy, my Lucy, is so into everything girl including makeup and nails and dresses. The only thing she doesn't get into is letting me style her hair. For whatever reason it just has to be down all the time. Well I guess she watched me and Christina getting our hair dyed enough that she decided she needed to do it too and it had to be pink because that's a very girlie color! She begged and begged and tried a few times to sneak out of the house and go down the street to the hair salon. I finally gave in. Its not that I really cared that much if she got it done. She was excited. She had to wait about a week and she asked every day of that week if today was the day. I meant to take my camera down there with us and take pics of the process but i forgot in my haste to get out the door. So as soon as we got home we snapped some pics. Notice on the first pic that she also got Karla to paint her nails hahaha. Like I said. Very girlie.