Tuesday, September 30, 2008

El College

So Dan started his official college education yesterday! I'm both excited and nervous at the same time. I'm nervous cause I don't know what kind of student he's going to be and I don't want to become the nagging wife who's always reminding him to be sure and get his work done. But I know Dan is smart so if he applies himself he can do really well so that's why I'm excited. He's doing it through University of Phoenix online cause he just doesn't have time to do it any other way right now and we've put it off to long. If all works out as it should the Pella will be paying for all of it which means nothing out of pocket for us! Woo Hoo! But the down side is that he has to stay with them for two years after he's done which Dan is ok with but i'm a little skeptical about. But all in all I'm so proud of him already!

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Lucy Lu

Just something to show how big she's getting! This is her sweet angel face that she gives everyone in public to give them a false sense of security and then when we get home let the little miss drama queen come right out! I love my little princess.

Some make believe fun!

We went over to Andreas house for a little bit Saturday and I noticed Leslie has some make up on. She said she did it herself and Andrea joked that she should go put some on Isaac too! So Les and Isaac went into her room to play dress up as the often do and after a while Isaac comes out looking like THIS! I was shocked into laughter. If you look close you can notice that she also tried to spike his hair and she used a lot of hair spray. It smelled really good too! We had to go do all our shopping with Isaac looking like this. He got a lot of comments. Well Leslie assured me the markers said washable and boy was she ever right. On the way home Isaac started throwing a fit and crying and it ran and ran and ran! I'm just glad we got it off for Sunday! And can you guess who he's supposed to be...I didn't.....Dorothy the dinosaur from the Wiggles. Ha Ha Ha