Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its apple season again!

Oh my poor aching finger tips!!! Mom and Dad have a lot of fruit trees and of course they all have to come ripe at the same time. I've been busying myself this week with picking and things of that nature. Monday night Christina and I picked the peaches off the tree and then Tuesday Andrea helped me make jam out of it. Its still runny so Mom says I'm gonna have to boil it again! Ugh!! Christina and Andrea also picked four buckets of apples and put hardly a dent in the tree! I've spent four hours today slicing apples to store for pies and such and I only got half way through one bucket! Mom just kind of laughed and said yea its slow going. I feel like I didn't get anything done. My finger tips hurt though! I kept getting little pieces of apple under my pointer finger on my left hand. I'd say that one hurts the most. And there is still a pear tree that I wanted to get to but I am so overwhelmed with the apples that I'm afraid I won't get to them before they go bad and Mom says that happens fast. Obviously I have to talk to her a lot because I don't know how to do any of this stuff. I want to make lots of apple sauce and apple butter and things like that. Its all very exciting. Andrea's going to come help me on Monday for sure and maybe tomorrow and that'll make things move much faster with an extra person and Danica to keep my kids company. Poor Lucy was not happy with me today. I usual spend an hour cleaning and then have the rest of the day to play with them but I just had to work on apples.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ok so I took Andreas camera the other day and snapped some pics of the Lucy who is growing up too fast for me! She's usual very happy and sociable. It makes me laugh though when people at church say Oh I never hear Lucy cry! I want to say come to my house! She fake cries almost every time Isaac comes near her. I just wanna say Give me a break! Its like she's trying to get him in trouble or something. She must like playing with him though cause she follows him every where he goes.

Play time!

It might not be the best system ever but to get Isaac to pick up his toys in the living room I bribe him with Super Mario! He loves to play it, not that he can really do anything more than drive in circles, so I make him clean his mess before I let him play. It works for now! And he is very willing to clean to get play! He's a good boy!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Lucy

July 25th was Lucy's first happy birthday. we had to celebrate it the Sunday before though for all the things that were going on that day! I had to go to Youth Conference that day. We were doing yard work on a habitat for humanity home. Dan was working that night too so we were too busy for any parties. It was our fifth anniversary that day too! It was nice though! She had some nice presents but the ones she loved the most were her little baby dolls that she got from Dan and me and Mom and Dad. It was funny when Dad and I were talking at church about what we got her for her birthday and I said we had got a baby doll and Dad was like we did too! And it was the same doll except different colors. She loves them though! She sits on a pillow with them and rocks them and gives them kisses. She's such a good little mommy. She is growing up too fast for me. We didn't take any pics of it though! Isn't that sad! Oh well, there's always next year!