Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Family Fun Night

We also went to the family fun night. Isaac had a lot of fun doing the games that you had to throw things through the holes. He also did Plinko which is one of my favorite games. He was really funny on the hockey game where you have to hit a Little Debbie cake onto this blue tarp and try to hit the bulls eye. Well he got frustrated with it and just picked up the cake and threw it. So funny! I had Andrea take a family pic with her new camera so I thought I'd share since I never put on pics of me and Dan. After that we went to a move. The Forbidden Kingdom with Jet Li and Jackie Chan. It was pretty good and Isaac loved all the kung foo action. He was standing in front of his chair trying to imitate them. There wasn't hardly anyone there so it was ok!

I'm a Super Hero!

Do I have a story for you! I woke up Monday morning just like any morning and got around, played with the kids and waited for Dan to wake up. He got up earlier than usual that day because the Elders were coming down at 10 to play with him since it was their Prep day. So it was around 9:30 that I packed Isaac into the car and we were heading off the fill up our water jug at Grandma Jones' house. I pull out onto the road and the first thing I notice is a set of tire tracks that look like they went off to the side of the road so I just thought ok someone pulled over for something and then went on their merry little way. Well then I thought those go off into the grass and there's no place for them to park cause its basically just a drop off. So then I think Oh NO oh NO oh NO! Someone went into the ditch so I let my gaze wonder further down and sure enough there is a car crashed into the creek bed!! CRAP! But its ok. There is someone standing down there so I think Ok someone is already there to help and its not as bad as it looks. I pulled over anyways. As soon as I opened the door the I hear the worst thing I've ever heard in my life. "HELP". At the top of his lungs and with so much pain in it! Man my heart starts racing. Its then I realize he isn't standing but sprawled out on his stomach on the ground! I'm going into shock myself so I do the dumbest thing and I yell to him "Are you ok?" I didn't know what else to say! Stupid I know. So he yells "No. I think I broke my hip". So I tell him I'll call 911 which I do. I give them my address and tell them there's a car in the ditch. I told them he thinks he broke his hip, that he is awake and out of the car. So they take my number in case they need to call back and we hang up. Mean while he's down there saying "Its so cold." and "Man I'm really cold." I was thinking "Why does he keep saying that. Yeah its got a wind that's chill but its not that bad out" but i have some coats in the car so I make my way down to him. I the whole way down I'm just praying there isn't any gore cause I don't know if I can handle it but I'm totally trying to prep myself for the worst. I get down to him and he looks okay except for you can through his pants there is something wrong with his legs. He has a blanket under him so I get that and put it on him and then I drape the coats on top trying to keep him warm. He tells me his name is Howard. At least I think that's his name cause I forgot almost instantly after he tells me. So I tell him my name. Then he says "Ive been out here all night". Oh my heart just drops then and I was like " I'm so sorry I live right over that little hill and I had no idea someone was out her". Well how could I of course but still he was right there. But no wander he was freezing cause it was like 30 degrees that night! For any one who knows you know the creek isn't far from our house. So I tell him people are on the and they will be around 10 mins. So then I tell him I'm gonna wait up on the road so they can see where we are cause they wouldn't be able so see us down there. Plus Isaac wasn't strapped in so who knows what he was getting into in the car. On my way back up I think "Oh Crap Andrea is going to hear this come out over the scanner and freak out." So I called her and let her know what was happening. Well the first responders get there pretty quick and just stand around up on the road looking at the guy. I wanted to say "Go down there and talk to him or something." They finally go down when Coin ambulance arrives. Shen ambulance arrives shortly after that so they get him loaded up and on the way. I talked to the officer there from the sheriffs office about what happened for a minute and then I take off and finally get the water I originally set out for. It was a very exciting morning and it took me a while to come down from the high of it all. They came really quick and got the car out too. I don't know how but I'm sure it was quite the task. Anyways Andrea thinks he was life flighted from Shen cause she heard the helicopter come in. I hope he ends up ok. I know I got a cold from being out in that wind for so long so I can only imagine how he is. It hasn't been on KMA news or anything but I'm hoping to get an update some time. Pretty crazy stuff.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

An early evening

The other night we had played really hard and Isaac crashed on the couch around 545! Lucy was not long after to follow and they were both out for the night! It was so quiet!!! Lucy has a cuddle blanket that she has to sleep with. It puts her right out almost everytime.

An Easter Story

We went over to Andreas house the day before Easter so the kids could do some fun things together. In Isaac's Easter basket he got was a book and so Les was nice enough to read it for him. It was definitely a picture perfect moment!