Saturday, August 20, 2011

Face Painting

I took the kids to the Children's Health Expo and the hospital this morning. Not because I thought it would be any fun but because I needed something to do and Nephi was going to be there with his dog Eron and asked me to stop by. So we went. It wasn't so terrible I suppose. The kids got a baggie full of fun little things and that always makes for some happy kids. About the only part I got a kick out of was the face painting. It turned out adorable! This is the first time my kids have wanted to do something like that. Usually when I suggest face painting I get met with much resistance so I was happy they were excited this time.

All three of them looking super cute!

Lillian just got some colorful streaks with glitter and stars. She held perfectly still the whole time! The girl doing it was so impressed because she had just had another little girl and was only able to get half the ladybug on because she was squirming so much. Way to go Lilli!

Lucy got a big shooting star with a rainbow trailing down her face and some smaller accent stars. She was the first to jump up in the chair to get it done!
Ah Isaac... I didn't think he would get one at all but he surprised me. He chose obviously a black mask. He squirmed the most out of all three. I told him it was just like putting on eye shadow only to say well I guess you wouldn't know what that's like hahaha. But he was thrilled with the final product.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Newest baby...

I know its been forever since I've updated. So many things have happened but I won't even try to play catch up at this point. Sufficeth to say we've been very busy with end of school, recital, school board and just daily life. Summer is in full swing and kids are keeping me bouncing. My house will seem so empty come school time again. But I did want to share about the newest addition to our little family. No we haven't had another baby yet... we got a dog. Her name's Sadie. She's an older dog. She is a toy rat terrier. Super cute and tiny and a perfect starter dog for the kids to get them over their fears of animals. She's mostly an outside dog but I do bring her in when the days get really hot or the storms get scary. I just hate to leave her out there by herself. But we're enjoying the experience of owning a dog for the first time. Any maybe the last.... time will tell I suppose.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dance pictures!!

I know I've been talking about Lucy a lot but she's been the one doing everything lately. I have some stuff coming up for the other two so soon so I'll talk about them too I promise. For now... its dance picture times. We got some super cute shots. We did three poses. One by herself, one with Danica, and one with the whole class. She did a great job. She looked just like a little model. I snapped some pictures before we left because I didn't know if we were allowed to take pics at the shoot. We were evidently which makes me sad but these will do for now and soon I'll get the professional ones back. So enjoy!!

The back side shot
and a pretty ballerina
I know what you're thinking.... toddlers and tiaras hahahaha!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lucy's new look!!

Lucy, my Lucy, is so into everything girl including makeup and nails and dresses. The only thing she doesn't get into is letting me style her hair. For whatever reason it just has to be down all the time. Well I guess she watched me and Christina getting our hair dyed enough that she decided she needed to do it too and it had to be pink because that's a very girlie color! She begged and begged and tried a few times to sneak out of the house and go down the street to the hair salon. I finally gave in. Its not that I really cared that much if she got it done. She was excited. She had to wait about a week and she asked every day of that week if today was the day. I meant to take my camera down there with us and take pics of the process but i forgot in my haste to get out the door. So as soon as we got home we snapped some pics. Notice on the first pic that she also got Karla to paint her nails hahaha. Like I said. Very girlie.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Painting

One of my favorite Christmas traditions growing up was when we would paint the windows with some kind of Christmas picture. Usually there were the three wise men and a Christmas tree on the big glass door. I can't remember some of the other things but it was always much fun. So I decided to do with the kids this year since Grandma Dixon had come across the perfect kind of paint that we used to use to do it. Isaac and Lucy were really excited. We waited till the afternoon when Dan was awake to help and Lilli was asleep so she couldn't!
I did the star. Its a narrow door so it was hard to make it look right but you get the idea.
Lucy did Mary.
Lucy and I did the baby Jesus.
Isaac did all of Joseph by himself.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lucy's arm

Well anyone who knows our little Lucy knows she's a bundle of energy, excitement and very carefree. Also not a very good rule follower. A couple of Saturdays ago she was bouncing on Nephi's recliner with Danica like she wasn't supposed to and fell off. I didn't think much of it at the time. Lucy hurts herself all the time and makes a big deal of it at first but she always gets better. I had a passing thought of maybe I should take her to the dr on Monday but in my busy life I just pushed it aside and said oh she'll be fine. So I watched her all week and although still a bundle of energy bouncing off the walls I noticed she wasn't using that arm hardly at all. And if I touched it a certain way it would hurt her. So I broke down and took her to the dr last Saturday still sure it was fine and had it x-rayed. Well to my surprise both bones in her forearm were broken. Oh I felt so bad that I had waited so long to take her but the dr said she probably would have waited to because Lucy was just so active still with it even at the drs office. They put a temporary splint on her arm and made us an appt to see a Pediatric Ortho dr up at Children's in Omaha. So we went yesterday and she got her pretty pink cast! I'm ever so glad too because I had to watch her like a hawk all weekend because she kept unwrapping her arm!! She loves the color. She thinks its gorgeous. And if everything goes as planned it will come off on November 23rd and she'll be good as new.

Now one might ask after all this if Lucy has learned anything... the answer is a decided "NO"!! She still bounces all over the furniture despite my constantly telling her not too. Even at the drs office she wanted to walk on all the benches. I guess its a good thing nothing is getting her down with this but I was hoping for maybe a little more caution out of her. Oh well I do love her enjoyment out of life.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Windows!!

gaping hole in the wall
the mostly finished product
outside shot of living room window
I think my favorite thing about Dan working at Pella is we can get these reject windows at auction for so cheap!! We got 6 windows all together. We still have one we haven't put in yet but we have still to decide where to put it. Originally we were going to replace the other living room window with it but the first one was so much work we're gonna wait and try to find something that's more to size. But I love them. The living room one is so big the room practically explodes with light!! I just can't stop looking at it. The upstairs windows have been broken for so long i'm glad to finally have them taken care of. Now I can feel good about putting the kids up there. Eventually (a really long eventually) we hope to get all the windows upstairs replaced. That will help a lot with controlling the temp up there since there is only the one air vent in the hall to push air. Anyways i'm really happy with how it all turned out.