Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lucy's arm

Well anyone who knows our little Lucy knows she's a bundle of energy, excitement and very carefree. Also not a very good rule follower. A couple of Saturdays ago she was bouncing on Nephi's recliner with Danica like she wasn't supposed to and fell off. I didn't think much of it at the time. Lucy hurts herself all the time and makes a big deal of it at first but she always gets better. I had a passing thought of maybe I should take her to the dr on Monday but in my busy life I just pushed it aside and said oh she'll be fine. So I watched her all week and although still a bundle of energy bouncing off the walls I noticed she wasn't using that arm hardly at all. And if I touched it a certain way it would hurt her. So I broke down and took her to the dr last Saturday still sure it was fine and had it x-rayed. Well to my surprise both bones in her forearm were broken. Oh I felt so bad that I had waited so long to take her but the dr said she probably would have waited to because Lucy was just so active still with it even at the drs office. They put a temporary splint on her arm and made us an appt to see a Pediatric Ortho dr up at Children's in Omaha. So we went yesterday and she got her pretty pink cast! I'm ever so glad too because I had to watch her like a hawk all weekend because she kept unwrapping her arm!! She loves the color. She thinks its gorgeous. And if everything goes as planned it will come off on November 23rd and she'll be good as new.

Now one might ask after all this if Lucy has learned anything... the answer is a decided "NO"!! She still bounces all over the furniture despite my constantly telling her not too. Even at the drs office she wanted to walk on all the benches. I guess its a good thing nothing is getting her down with this but I was hoping for maybe a little more caution out of her. Oh well I do love her enjoyment out of life.


The Miner's said...

Didn't you break your arm too when you were younger? Or was that just Nephi? Must run in the family! She's a doll still though!

rrknight said...

I love her enormous cast!! Poor little princess! I do like it's pink and what a silly story! It is a good thing she is a energetic as ever!