Sunday, November 2, 2008

Modeling...kind of

Showcasing Isaacs hat.

I love the leaning on the pillow look! Very classic.

Another classic, the over the shoulder!

Notice the squinty eyes in all the fake smile pictures!

K this is my last one for tonight!! We've discovered what most parents of a little girl probably already know...little girls are natural posers when you say camera time! Lucy was so funny posing for Christina with her fake little smile. I had to share some of the funnier ones.

Happy Halloween!

I love dressing the kids up for Halloween. It so cute to see them in their little costumes. This year Lucy was a scarecrow but she wouldn't wear her hat. :( Isaac was not to thrilled to wear his costume either. When we were talking about it a month ago he said he wanted to be Link from the video game Legend of Zelda so I was like Ok we can make that. Well now he wants to be Mario but its too late for that. I think he looks adorable in it though. And for those who don't know...yes I did make the costume. The top I had help from mom making a pattern and cutting and piecing together but with the pants and hat I did all by myself and I was so excited with how they turned out! Dan thinks I'm getting very domestic now cause I've also been cooking a lot as well. Anyways, Halloween was a blast with Andrea, Les, and Danica. Oh the most fun was the house with the tunnel up to the door. Les ran through it leaving poor Isaac to fend for himself. He was screaming and crying in terror and brandishing his little sword and everything that got near him! And I was in the car dropping them off and Andrea was out with him. The owner was kind enough to put his screaming body back in the car and give him a BIG candy bar. It was really sad for Isaac but pretty funny to watch. The rest of the night was uneventful and the kids were tuckered out by the time I got home they didn't even stir when I took them out of their clothes. The first two pics are for Christina. I know how much you love that butt shot! HAHA

To the zoo

We get tickets through Pella every year to go to the zoo in October and this year we picked the best day to go weather wise! It was a lot of fun. Dan traded his Adventure Land tickets with a friend and got his zoo tickets so we had two extra adult tickets and Mom and Christina were obliged to come with us! HA HA. I like that word. Its one of my new favorites. Anyways, we had a blast of course cause you can't go to the Henry Doorly Zoo and not have a great time. We saw lots of animals all of which scared Isaac but Lucy loved them all. We stopped lots to rest and eat snacks to keep our energy up. There was a rope bridge that went under a little waterfall in the jungle that Isaac and I went on. He stopped right in the middle and I had to practically force him forward cause I was getting all wet and I had straightened my hair that day! It was great. Next time you visit Iowa I recommend going if you haven't gone before cause its one of the best zoos on Earth! Can't wait for next year.