Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Newest baby...

I know its been forever since I've updated. So many things have happened but I won't even try to play catch up at this point. Sufficeth to say we've been very busy with end of school, recital, school board and just daily life. Summer is in full swing and kids are keeping me bouncing. My house will seem so empty come school time again. But I did want to share about the newest addition to our little family. No we haven't had another baby yet... we got a dog. Her name's Sadie. She's an older dog. She is a toy rat terrier. Super cute and tiny and a perfect starter dog for the kids to get them over their fears of animals. She's mostly an outside dog but I do bring her in when the days get really hot or the storms get scary. I just hate to leave her out there by herself. But we're enjoying the experience of owning a dog for the first time. Any maybe the last.... time will tell I suppose.

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